The idea of smart building solutions isn’t a new one – born out of a need for sustainability and innovation, our smart building IoT solutions help businesses to take control of their premises.

Our specialist technology team can collaborate with you to understand what you need in your buildings and facilitate the best solution. Together, we can prevent your problems before they happen and improve the effectiveness of your building systems.

At OKdo, we help companies create automated smart building solutions

Innovative & robust equipment and solutions supporting:



ROCK 5 Model B 8GB Next-gen SBC

  • Next-gen Single Board Computer, solid as a ROCK
  • Based on a powerful Rockchip RK3588 SoC
  • 8GB 64-bit RAM and eMMC socket
  • The first SBC supporting up to 8Kp60 resolution
  • Best for advanced multimedia applications
  • Built-in Real-Time-Clock, Dual HDMI and USB C port

DEBIX Model A Single Board Computer

  • High-performance industrial computer
  • Based on a powerful Quad-core i.MX 8M Plus processor
  • Works stably in extreme temperatures of -40℃ to 105℃
  • Flexible use with add-on boards
  • Ideal for industrial, smart cities and multimedia applications
Debix Model A

Arduino Nicla Sense ME

  • Powerful processor and robust hardware with AI capability
  • Measures motion and environmental parameters
  • High-quality Bosch sensors with embedded AI
  • Motion, gas, pressure, temperature, humidity sensors and more
  • Battery or USB powered
Arduino Nicla Sense ME product image

Intelligent Hardware Solutions

How to make a building smarter?

With the support from our technical experts, powerful hardware & software and a customised approach to best suit your needs, we can help make a building smarter, by implementing intelligent solutions, including:

Temperature Monitoring

Our temperature monitoring and control solutions will help cut running costs, keep you compliant and maintain comfortable temperatures on site.

Smart Air Quality Monitoring

Keep occupants safe with cutting-edge air quality monitoring solutions. Using IoT, we enable companies to assess levels of pollution in the environment.

Intelligent Security Solutions

Using IoT, we’ll help you to create smart tech security solutions that keep your building secure, connecting security camerasLED lighting and secured network connectivity.

Commercial Water Leak Detection

Smart water leak solutions can save you £1 billion a year. Water damage in commercial buildings is one of the most disruptive and costly impacts on buildings.

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What other solutions might be interesting for you?

Industrial Automation


Smart Agriculture



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