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Smart Vending Machines & Automated Retail

Develop, automate, operate and maintain smart vending machines seamlessly with OKdo.

IoT Enabled Smart Vending Solutions

The smart vending machines market is rapidly growing globally, driven by consumers’ demand for retail automation, fast shopping, cashless transactions, immediate gratification and rapid digitalisation.

Our team of technical experts at OKdo will guide you through the right products and services to help you approach vending machine development using IoT, machine learning and AI to satisfy customers’ expectations.

Tech optimisation done right

Vending machines run 24/7 and require a stable and fault-free operation for a hassle-free shopping experience.

At OKdo, we offer robust, scalable and cost-effective IoT solutions and technical expertise, allowing you to develop, operate and maintain a smart vending machine efficiently and flexibly.

  • Robust and high-performing ROCK platforms,
  • Microcontrollers,
  • Sensors,
  • Displays,
  • & much more.

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Design, develop, manufacture, and distribute with OKdo

Scale up with ROCK


With ROCK, you can develop a smart vending machine with extraordinary touchscreen controls, video, audio and gesture-based interaction, and cashless payment, all connected and powered by a single device, a so-called “brain”, a tiny, low-power, high-performing ROCK board.

Powerful Single Board Computers

  • High-performing Hexa-core Rockchip RK3399-T processor
  • Onboard Real-time clock
  • Expandable storage capability
  • Supporting 4K displays

Flexible & Compact SoMs

  • Compact size for easy integration into different designs
  • Reliable & Powerful Rockchip RK3566 SoC
  • Quad-core Arm® Cortex®-A55 CPU
  • Flexible storage & wireless connectivity

Fully Customisable SBCs

  • Develop low-cost and efficient applications embedded systems.
  • Fully configurable design.
  • Add or remove components.
  • Your board, your way.

What technology is used in smart vending machines?

Transform the future

With the tech industry growing at a terrific pace, the future of intelligent vending is thriving, with exciting vending machine innovations such as smartphone interactions with AI, smart sensing, facial and voice recognition, wireless communication, cashless payments, smart inventory management, energy-saving vending using solar panels, and much more.

Get Connected

We can help you get connected! Easily connect various smart sensors, card terminals, digital screens and other amazing technology used in a vending machine with the ROCK boards. Level up your vending machine development and benefit from the best automated vending solutions!

How can you benefit from IoT technologies for smart vending machines?

Designing an IoT-based intelligent vending machine will allow you to monitor the environment, identify problems, and resolve those problems with no human intervention.

Develop a vending machine that is smart, interactive and attention-grabbing. IoT-connected smart vending machines aim to exceed customers’ expectations of a fast & seamless shopping experience. Here’s how you can make use of IoT technologies to automate and optimise the operation and maintenance of your vending machines.

Smart vending machine

Enhanced shopping experience


  • Interactive touchscreen displays
  • Attractive 4K videos and commercial ads
  • High-quality audio output

IoT Connected Environment


  • Secure & rapid contactless payments
  • Remote monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Connected sensors for temperature & humidity control

Real-time updates & control


  • Accurate inventory management
  • Real-time sales tracking and analytics
  • Remote instant software updates

Did you know…

  • Did you know that there is 1 vending machine per 55 people in the UK? In 2022, 55% of payments processed at vending machines were cashless.
  • Japan has got the highest density of vending machines in the world, with 1 vending machine per every 23 people.
  • Europe has over 3.8 million vending machines, and over 90 million food & drink items are sold daily.
  • The most common items that people prefer to buy from vending machines are snacks and drinks, electronics, tickets, health & sanitary products, merch and others.

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