BETT Show 2022 Highlights: Top 5 Education Technology Trends

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Education technology advances every year to make STEM learning accessible to everyone. The latest EdTech solutions were presented at the global BETT show 2022 at ExCel London. OKdo joined the exhibition to showcase some amazing hardware learning solutions alongside some of our partners. We have had the chance to discover the latest education technology trends that will make it into the classroom in 2022.

The BETT show 2022 took place at Excel London between 23-25 March. Thousands of visitors, educators, students and academic institutions have come to BETT this year looking for innovative tech solutions to facilitate the introduction of computing and programming learning into classrooms. 

What is BETT?

Bett or The Bett Show (formerly known as the British Educational Training and Technology Show) is a global community and series of education technology shows.

According to BETT, they “spark ideas, create connections and accelerate trade, driving impact and improving outcomes for teachers and learners.”

BETT has had some incredible partners supporting the exhibition this year, including organisations such as Microsoft, Tes, Pearson, The UK Government, the Department of Education, and many others!

The BETT’s theme this year was #CreateTheFuture.

“Armed with more EdTech solutions and resources than ever before, educators have the opportunity to reimagine traditional models of pedagogy so that students can plug into a personalised, future-facing learning experience and become resilient, creative lifelong learners who can harness their knowledge and skills to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.”

– BETT organisers explained.

The theme “Create The Future” was proposed as a response to the barriers to learning that students have faced in light of the recent disruptive times. What we like to call today “the new normality” has once been a significant problem for educators and students trying to adapt and identify creative solutions for the new ways of learning. 

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Key highlights from the BETT show in 2022

Over 400 companies exhibited their products and services at the show to influence how new generations of students will dive into learning the unlimited world of technology. 

The show hosted numerous companies offering learning solutions focused on STEM subjects, specifically covering such areas as digital learning, robotics, programming and artificial intelligence

Students are now exposed to a vast amount of information online, whilst teachers perform the role of learning facilitators, providing the necessary learning solutions and guiding their students towards success. 

Top 5 Education Technology Trends in 2022

So, what are the new educational technologies? These are the top 5 trends of education technology in 2022:

1. E-learning – multiple digital learning software solutions were presented to students for easy access to learning materials online and to educators for digitally preparing and delivering lessons. Also, collaborative learning solutions were presented such as smart boards for interactive classroom collaboration and multiple online platforms for remote peer collaboration.

2. VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) – VR and AR are current educational technology trends that promote students’ engagement and allow them to assimilate the subject better. They can experience the theory through VR headsets, whilst teachers can explain complex concepts in a controlled environment. 

3. AI (artificial intelligence) – AI in education involves learning with AI (e.g. the use of AI-powered tools in classrooms), learning about AI (its technologies and techniques) and preparing for AI (e.g. enabling individuals to understand better the potential impact of AI on human lives).

4. Robotics – AI and humanoid robots allow students to learn robotics through play and build the foundation of the knowledge required to create future technological innovations. 

5. Hands-on activities – another key focus area is learning STEM subjects using physical products in classrooms and integrating programming with hardware. 

Students nowadays benefit from a vast range of EdTech solutions from various brands that aim to facilitate STEM learning and make the hands-on learning of programming and robotics the new normality. 

We here at OKdo aim to support the educational sector by providing modern IoT learning solutions for educators and students to facilitate the introduction of STEM subjects in institutions globally. 

“OKdo aims to provide the best-in-class offer to schools and educators, ensuring they have access to all necessary resources that will allow them to teach STEM subjects in the classroom. 

We help teachers and institutions to integrate STEM into the classrooms by providing a vast range of hardware, offering lesson plans and projects that would speed up the process of preparing and delivering the lessons. 

Educators who require additional support regarding the EdTech solutions that we offer here at OKdo can reach out to us directly and receive the necessary training for the specific product they intend to introduce into their classroom.”

– Nadia Gonzalez, Global Category Manager for Educational products at OKdo
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Nadia Gonzalez, Global Category Manager for Educational products at OKdo

We are proud to have been part of the BETT show in 2022. Here are some more pictures of our OKdo team at the exhibition:

  • BETT show 2022 image
  • BETT show 2022 image
  • BETT show 2022 image
  • BETT show 2022 image
  • BETT show 2022 image
  • BETT show 2022 image

Our range of education technology products at OKdo include a vast selection of products, including BBC micro:bit boardsmicro:bit compatible classroom kits, various STEM inventor & electronics kits and many other from brands such as Strawbees, DFRobot, LEGO Education, Sphero, MakeBlock, Pi-Top and much more!

If you are interested in buying larger quantities for your school or business, please contact with your name, organisation and if there are specific products or technologies you are interested in.

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