Smart irrigation systems

Smart Irrigation & Automated Watering Systems

Innovative tech solutions for smart watering systems at your fingertips

When it comes to having a successful crop, timing is everything. Smart irrigation and watering systems can help you get your schedule down to a fine art.

Get stuck in by using our smart agriculture solutions. These allow you to combine traditional methods with IoT to apply precise water levels every time. Whether you’re overseeing a large-scale agricultural operation or supplying to a select number of clients, this advanced tech can make both your plants and business blossom.

Smart irrigation systems

What technology is used in smart irrigation and watering systems?

You can use the tech to create bespoke timetables to create a smooth, fully functioning operation. Better still, you can avoid inefficient use of water and adapt your current setup. Discover our technologies that can help set up smart irrigation and watering systems, such as sensors, development boards, and much more.

Scale up with ROCK

With ROCK, you can develop innovative and automated watering solutions connected and powered by a powerful brain, a credit-card size, robust and high-performing ROCK single board computer.

Our versatile range of OKdo ROCK SBCs will help you incorporate class-leading hardware into your smart irrigation systems and ensure their seamless performance.

What are the benefits of smart automated watering and irrigation systems?

Whether you’re watering crops in a polytunnel or setting up a full irrigation system in your field, you must get the balance right. Over or under-watering can be damaging to your plants. By upgrading to automated self-watering irrigation systems, you can map out exactly when crops need attention. Some of the reasons to upgrade your current setup include:

Less room for error

Automated irrigation and watering systems produce accurate results. By programming innovative IoT tech, it’s possible to set out a dedicated schedule and modify the functions to suit the plants. This reduces the chance of over or under-watering or crops being missed completely.

This also means there’s less room for human error. The repetitive tasks involved with watering crops can become laborious for workers. Plus, if they’re tired, they might miss something. Automations help carry tasks out faster and provide operation at different times of the day. After all, it’s agriculture, not aggroculture!

Smart irrigation systems
Smart irrigation systems

Increased productivity

We all want to boost productivity and a smart irrigation system allows businesses to do just that. With the automations working to water crops at dedicated intervals, you get the freedom to assign your team different roles.

Businesses can then benefit from being able to use their staff in other areas, leading to higher employee satisfaction, greater autonomy, boosts in creativity and development opportunities. Doesn’t that sound blooming great?

Grow your business

Investing in tech can help grow your business. Once you’ve covered the initial costs for the smart watering systems, you’re likely to see successful crops. This means you can potentially capitalise on more agricultural opportunities and attract more clients.

Opting for soil moisture sensors and linking them to single-board setups like the Arduino Edge Control allows you to create advanced automatic watering systems at the touch of a button. The board can be programmed to suit your business needs.

Smart irrigation systems

Automated irrigation and smart watering systems from OKdo

Find out more about how IoT and computing can help overhaul your agricultural setup. At OKdo, we have a range of farming solutions to help you introduce smart irrigation and watering systems to your business.

Learn more about how to set up your automated watering system when you contact our expert team.

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