Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or a seasoned inventor, getting the right PCB prototyping support at the outset of your project is critical. Speed, quality, cost and control are key. And that’s the thinking behind OKdo Rapid Prototyping – the one-stop, online prototyping service.

Low-cost, high-quality rapid prototyping

OKdo Rapid Prototyping helps you move your ideas from concept to product—quickly and within budget. Offering PCB manufacture and assembly, fast lead times and a 100% quality guarantee, this is ideal prototyping solution to help you move your project nearer to completion.

Help at every stage

Making a prototype can be a daunting experience. But with OKdo Rapid Prototyping, you have access to our extensive experience throughout the process. From the moment you complete the online quotation form until you take delivery of your prototypes, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that everything is being handled professionally and with the utmost care.

Fast quotes and competitive pricing. Understand the costs quickly with our transparent quote generation.

Free Design for Manufacture (DFM) Review. Our engineers will verify that the design is suitable for manufacture by conducting a final design check of the Gerber files.

Rapid turnaround. Thanks to our state of the art equipment and processes, coupled with the unique skills of our engineers, we can produce prototypes quickly.

Professional technical support. All through the prototyping process, you’ll have access to our expertise.

Guaranteed quality. In the unlikely event that you feel the prototype doesn’t match your quality expectations, we will make a new one free of charge.

Get your free OKdo Rapid Prototyping quotation now.

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