Commercial Water Leak Detection: Smart Sensing from LAIIER

IoT Enabled Water Leak Detection Equipment for Commercial Buildings

Smart Sensing Technology from LAIIER: The key to predicting & preventing costly water leak damage

OKdo has partnered with LAIIER to provide you with an incredibly efficient and scalable solution – commercial water leak detection equipment.

  • Predict & prevent costly accidents
  • Transform surfaces into connected sensors
  • Set up smart commercial water leak detection systems.

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LAIIER turns every surface into an intelligent connected sensor


LAIIER goes where other sensor technology can’t. LAIIER seamlessly integrates intelligence where costly events are likely to occur by transforming surfaces into connected sensors.

How do you find a water leak in a large commercial building?

Incorporate sensing technology into building materials and equipment to predict, prevent, and manage water leaks in commercial buildings. Sensing a water leak early enough can save you over £1 million in losses.

A solution to prevent structural damage

Resistive sensors that can go where other sensors can’t

The Severn board from LAIIER

Ultra low-cost capacitive sensors that apply like stickers 

Trent technology from LAIIER

Surface to Cloud

  • Easily integrate connected sensor technologies into any surface or space.
  • Stay Connected via LoRaWAN – LAIIER’s Surface to Cloud platform leverages LoRaWAN to provide you with an easy-to-integrate API and dashboards.

How it works:

  • Stick the sensor down
  • Attach the hardware to the sensor
  • Power the hardware on
  • Receive data via LoRaWAN


  • Two drops are all it takes – the high-resolution printed pattern of Severn Sensors allows them to detect the presence of just a couple of drops of water before it causes significant damage.
  • Reach unreachable locations – because the Severn Sensors are so thin, they can reach and cover areas that other water leak detectors can’t, such as underneath appliances, around pipes or underneath flat roofs.
  • Made of waterproof and durable PET material – Severn Sensors are printed on flexible PET with conductive ink, so you easily bend, fit or wrap them around surfaces using their adhesive backing, even in the most challenging environments.
  • Powered by the Severn board – a low-power solution that can even work on batteries.

Test the technology with Severn Evaluation Kit

Kit contents:

  • 1 x Severn Evaluation Board / Bravo Board
  • 1 x Board Enclosure
  • 3 x Severn Sensors
  • 1 x USB cable


  • The flexible PET material used for printing the Trent Sensors makes them flexible and ultra-thin.
  • A self-adhesive surface that can be easily applied like a sticker.
  • Waterproof and durable, perfect for challenging environments.
  • Low-power solution – the Trent hardware can even work on batteries.
  • Low-cost & scalable technology without increasing the costs considerably.

Test the technology with Severn Evaluation Kit

Kit contents:

  • 1 x Trent Evaluation Board / Alpha Board
  • 1 x Board Enclosure
  • 3 x Trent Sensors
  • 1 x USB cable

Why choose LAIIER?

LAIIER helps businesses reduce costs, maintain assets and increase utilisation.”

– Matt Johnson, CEO of LAIIER

Easy to install

LAIIER sensing technology can be installed by anyone, including non-professionals, in 3 simple steps:

  • Attach the sensor,
  • Connect the sensor to the hardware,
  • Use the dashboard to detect events. 

Low-cost and scalable

LAIIER sensors are low-cost to produce, making it very feasible and cost-effective to scale their sensing technology.

Seamless integration

LAIIER create sensor solutions that can be applied or built directly into the environment. Benefit from a range of ultra-thin sensors that use the same form factor for every application, creating a seamlessly integrated water leak detection system.

Matt Johnson, CEO of LAIIER

LAIIER’s mission is to improve the performance and reduce the impact of buildings and facilities through connected sensor technologies that can be seamlessly integrated into any surface or space.

LAIIER helps businesses reduce costs, maintain assets and increase utilisation, chipping away at the $40B annual cost of water damage. But when we view our customers as a whole, we realize the even greater impact that we’re making, water leak by water leak.

The carbon impact of water is the hidden cost that we are only just beginning to understand. Just one leaky toilet can waste over a million gallons of water in a year, generating 46 tons of carbon emissions, the same as a passenger car.

Ultimately LAIIER’s mission isn’t just to mitigate costs for insurers, businesses, and occupants, but to mitigate costs throughout the planet by monitoring our use of our most precious resource.“— Matt Johnson, CEO of LAIIER

Did you know…

  • Did you know that damage caused by water leaks in commercial buildings costs UK insurers £2.5 million a day, which equals to nearly £1 billion per year? [ref]
  • Commercial properties register losses of over £1 million due to water leaks, compared to domestic homes, where the average cost is just under £3000.
  • A water drip at the rate of just one per second will waste over 3,000 gallons per year.
  • Water damage claims are more than 50% of all commercial real estate insurance claims.

Use Cases

Dishwasher leaks cause costly floor damage in the short term and mould in the long term.

Early detection of water leakage in upper roof layers can prevent damage to lower layers.

Water pipe leaks are more likely to occur in basements and utility rooms of commercial properties where there are many more connections and joints.

Detecting water in tight spaces beneath a sink can save expensive damage to surrounding furnishings and prevent catastrophic leaks.

Detecting the first signs of a water leak from a hot water tank heater, preventing a catastrophic failure.

Design, develop, manufacture, and distribute with OKdo

Our team of technical experts at OKdo will guide you through the right products and services to help you prevent costly accidents caused by water leaks.

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