LattePanda 2GB/32GB Computer Licenced

LattePanda 2GB/32GB Computer Licenced

Brand: DFRobot

MPN: DFR0418

SKU: 1244684

The LattePanda 2G/32G from DFRobot is a Windows 10 SBC capable of functioning as a full PC and contains plenty of software and hardware projects. With a nifty Intel Atom X5-Z8300 and a second ATmega32U4 processor chip, the LattePanda can also function as an embedded controller able to take inputs from sensors, and drive motors and relays. The LattePanda comes pre-installed with Windows 10 Home Edition, ready for you to get right on down to work. Simply add your keyboard, mouse and a HDMI or DVI-D input monitor and off you go.


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