Seluxit Wappsto:bit Basic extension board for the micro:bit


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Seluxit Wappsto:bit Basic extension board for the micro:bit

Seluxit Wappsto:bit Basic extension board for the micro:bit

  • Wappsto:bit is an extension board for the best-selling BBC micro:bit
  • Connect your micro:bit to the internet using cellular or WiFi connectivity
  • Learn through play - perfect tool for children age 10+
  • Multiple fun IoT projects applications
  • Access your Wappsto:bit dashboard to monitor the data
  • Manage your projects on the go with the Wappsto:bit app for iOS and Android
  • Easy drag-and-drop programming language, no previous experience needed


Out of stock

Product Details


The Seluxit Wappsto:bit Basic is an extension board for the BBC micro:bit, which connects the microcontroller to the cloud using Wi-Fi and mobile network. This amazing feature allows you to view sensors data on a smart dashboard and remotely operate with the micro:bit. It’s a perfect extension board for creating fun educational projects with the micro:bit.


Note: Please note that the BBC micro:bit board is not included.

Key benefits of the Seluxit Wappsto:bit Basic extension board

Ideal for little scientists – The Wappsto:bit extension board for the micro:bit is easy-to-use, ideal for anyone with no previous experience required. It’s perfect for helping children develop STEM skills and apply them in various IoT applications through play.

Seluxit Wappsto:bit

Multiple IoT projects – Wappsto:bit is an amazing tool that will help anyone get creative and build various fun projects such as measuring air pressure, UV light, soil moisture, noise detection and trash bin monitoring. The ideas are unlimited. You’ll even have the opportunity to learn through play and create games with the micro:bit. 

Seluxit dashboard

Wappsto:bit dashboard – a powerful IoT platform powered by Seluxit that allows to customise your view easily and monitor the performance of your IoT projects all in one place. 

Wappsto:bit app – available for IOS and Android. You can now monitor and manage your projects on the go! The app allows you to easily set up WiFi on your devices using Bluetooth. It’s a great tool that enables you to access and control all your IoT devices at any moment, wherever you are.

Key features and specifications of the Wappsto:bit Basic

  • Edge-connector for micro:bit
  • ESP32-WROOM-32E, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module with built-in antenna. Fully populated pin headers from micro:bit GPIO pins
  • Croc-clip connections, micro:bit IO pins 0, 1 and 2, 1x 3.3V output and 1x GND
  • Status LED, for indication of a connection to Wappsto by Seluxit
  • Button for resetting network settings
  • Micro USB power supply, operating voltage 4.5-5.5V





SLX W11 001




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