Qoitech Otii Ace Pro DC Power Analyzer


Qoitech Otii Ace Pro DC Power Analyzer

Qoitech Otii Ace Pro DC Power Analyzer

  • Otii Ace Pro is a precision instrument capable of sourcing up to 25 V and 5A while simultaneously measuring voltage and/or current at a high sample rate (50ksps).
  • The device computes power and energy, offering engineers and developers insights to optimise energy consumption and enhance battery life for their devices.
  • Otii Ace Pro includes both the feature-packed Otii Basic perpetual software and a 1-year subscription to the more advanced Otii Pro software.
  • Otii Ace Pro offers enhanced capabilities for more demanding testing and measurement requirements.
  • Engineers can easily utilise the instrument to analyze and optimise the energy efficiency of their devices under test, ensuring robust performance and prolonged battery life.


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Product Details


Otii Ace Pro is a versatile power supply and measurement instrument designed for precise voltage (up to 25 V) and current (up to 5A) sourcing. Simultaneously measuring with a high sample rate (50ksps) and low step size, it computes power and energy, allowing engineers and developers to optimise device energy consumption and battery life.


Key Features and Benefits of Otii Ace Pro

  • Quick Installation and Plug-and-Play: Enables users to start measuring in less than a minute.
  • Isolated Power Supply: Facilitates diverse use cases and power configurations, supporting a range of 0-25 V.
  • Expandable Voltage and Current: Connect multiple devices in series and parallel to increase voltage and current capabilities.
  • High-Resolution Current Measurements: Offers 0.4nA resolution with an adjustable sample rate of up to 50ksps.
  • Wide Dynamic Range: Current measurements span from 0.4nA to 5A.
  • Accuracy: Current measurement accuracy of ±(0.05% + 25nA).
  • Active Voltage Regulation: Ensures no burden voltage during measurements.
  • Continuous Synchronisation: Measures continuously synchronised with debug logs from the device under test via UART.
  • Post-Processing Sync: Recordings can be synced with external debug logs in post-processing.
  • Real-Time Analysis: Allows scrolling, zooming, and selection of current consumption and debug logs during measurement.
  • Recording Management: Record and compare multiple recordings, with undo/redo functionality.
  • Collaborative Features: Share recordings for additional measurement or view, supporting multiple Otii boxes.
  • Battery Life Estimator: Provides a tool for estimating battery life.
  • Configurable UI: Offers a responsive user interface during heavy data measurement load.
  • Versatile Measurement: Measures systems where the battery negative terminal is not the system ground.

Recommended uses of Otii Ace Pro

  • Power devices under development.
  • Profile microcontrollers, sensors, devices, and electronics up to 25V in real-time and over time.
  • Optimise sleep current to extend battery life.
  • Measure inrush current and component leakage current over time.
  • Design power-efficient hardware, firmware, and software through regression testing.
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software efficiently.





Otii Ace Pro




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