Duckietown Navigation Starter Pack


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Duckietown Navigation Starter Pack

Duckietown Navigation Starter Pack

  • Create a navigable city for your DuckieBot
  • Designed for use with the DuckieTown Invention Kit
  • Have the free to design your own navigable city with this DIY kit
  • Includes everything needed to build roads, intersections, and traffic signs for your DuckieBot to navigate
  • Traffic signs with AprilTags can be recognised by your DuckieBot and your DuckieBot will react to them


Out of stock

Product Details


The Navigation Starter pack is a ‘Duckietown’ city loop with intersections. It is a do-it-yourself (DIY) hardware kit for creating and assembling a modular model urban environment to enable intersection navigation and planning tasks from the Duckiebots.


Freedom to create your own city!
The great thing about the Duckietown Navigation pack is that you can create your own city for your Duckiebot to navigate. Simply use the included tape to map out your roads, and create intersections and a navigable city.

Have your DuckieBot recognise traffic signals
Thanks to AprilTags, DuckieBots can detect read the AprilTags on the traffic signs you place around the course and react to these signs.

What’s included in the DuckieTown Navigation Starter Pack?

  • 15 black foam “road” interlocking tiles of size ~0.6×0.6m (2x2ft)
  • Duckietown compliant 8 cm tile border area for placing traffic signs
  • Includes 12 traffic signs (with stands)
  • DIY tiles: choose how many straights, curves, 3-way and 4-way intersections to have
  • Lock tiles in different configurations to obtain different city topographies
  • Assemble and disassemble your town in a matter of minutes
  • Duckies!

*Scissors not included!










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