CyberPi Classroom Coding Pack (4 in 1)


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  • CyberPi Classroom Coding Pack (4 in 1)

CyberPi Classroom Coding Pack (4 in 1)

CyberPi Classroom Coding Pack (4 in 1)

  • The perfect classroom pack to bring coding into your classes. CyberPi allows students to explore data science, AI, and IoT interactively.
  • Program the CyperPi to record your voice and speak multiple languages. It even allows you to create motion-controlled games!
  • The brain of CyberPi is a chip that integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a powerful processing core.
  • Easily switch from block-based programming to Python and Micropython languages, using the Makeblock's mBlock coding editor.


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This CyberPi Classroom Coding Pack (4 in 1), designed by Makeblock, is an amazing kit that perfectly supports students in developing coding and programming skills. CyberPi allows students to explore coding as they move from block-based programming to using the Python and Micropython languages, all of which is supported by Makeblock’s mBlock coding editor.


What’s included in the pack?

  • 4 × CyberPi single-board computers
  • 4 × Quick Start Guides
  • 4 × USB Type-C cables

Key Features of the Makeblock’s CyberPi Classroom Coding Pack

Makeblock’s CyberPi Classroom Coding Pack is an amazing solution to help students develop coding and programming skills and engage them in fun and interactive learning experiences at the same time.

Besides some key benefits that CyperPi brings to your class, such as ideal hardware and software to introduce students to data science, networks, AI, and IoT, this CyperPi Classroom Pack is also great for its other features:

  • Each pack contains four CyberPi, four starter manuals and four Type-C USB cables.
  • A 1.44” full-colour display easily brings data science into classrooms and makes learning outcomes visible.
  • An on-board microphone and speaker enable basic natural language processing, unveiling the secrets behind human-computer interaction.
  • The built-in Wi-Fi module facilitates IoT-based and LAN-based innovations and applications closely related to daily life, bringing learning to life and providing transferrable skills to day-to-day applications.
  • Students can learn to create motion-controlled games, using their creativity at its best and combining fun and valuable skills development in the classroom.
  • CyberPi is equipped with sensors, allowing students to easily collect information from the environment.


Other Key Benefits of the CyberPi Classroom Coding Pack

CyberPi is a single board computer packed with advanced electronics.

The high-performance pocket shield casing creates even further possibilities for CyberPi due to its high-capacity battery and compatibility with third-party sensors. This combination of hardware and software makes CyberPi a powerful tool to introduce students to data science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) with advanced yet easy-to-use features.

The CyberPi may be small in size, but it’s packed with amazing features.

It benefits from a full-colour display, multiple input ports for the assortment of accompanying modules and sensors, and an independently-developed CyberOS system that provides much larger storage and the ability to switch between programs with ease.

Teach and learn AI & IoT easily.

Working with mBlock, CyberPi brings Python to classrooms and allows users to teach and learn AI & IoT easily, perfect for beginners and advanced users. CyberPi is ideal for technological innovations, coding education and other educational purposes, bringing more fun to teaching and learning.









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