Arduino Make-Your-UNO kit


Arduino Make-Your-UNO kit

Arduino Make-Your-UNO kit

  • Build your own electronic instrument and learn critical future skills while having fun
  • Ideal for beginner makers, this kit is designed for beginners and is an excellent way to learn about electronics
  • Online step-by-step guides ensure you have all you need to complete the project and learn how the UNO works
  • A perfect gift for beginner makers

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The Make-Your-UNO kit is an awesome introduction to the world of electronics. Whether you are a beginner maker looking to start your first project or you are looking for the perfect gift for the electronics hobbyist in your life the Make-Your-UNO kit is a fun way to gain hands-on experience building your own Arduino UNO. Following the online step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to solder your UNO and synthesizer shield, once built you’ll have your very own digital instrument ready to make cool sounds.


Key features and benefits of the Make-Your-UNO kit:

  • No previous knowledge is required, it has been created with beginners in mind and is an excellent way to empower makers while learning about electronics and most importantly, having fun!
  • The kit contains all components to build an Arduino UNO and wave synthesizer shield.
  • You will also have access to an online step-by-step guide that will teach you how to solder and programme the Arduino UNO and synth shield.
  • Every step of the process is fully documented, explaining clearly what each component does and supported by images and video ensuring the process is easy to follow and that you’ll complete the project in no time.
  • The online platform does not require any additional payment.
  • The Make-Your-UNO kit is the perfect gift for the beginner maker in your life. The kit does not have any prerequisites and is designed to be loved by any maker passionate about Arduino.
  • Learn critical future skills in engineering, hardware, and soldering.

What’s included in the kit:

Arduino UNO board – a simplified hardware design of the UNO that is easy to understand and ready to be soldered together from scratch.

Synth shield – a synthesizer designed to be mounted on top of your UNO.

Debug board – create a simple circuit with an LED, a resistor and a 9V battery and test your future projects.

Soldering test board – start your learning journey by soldering some components in a test board before soldering your UNO or synth shield. Once you’re comfortable with soldering components you can use the test board as a keychain.

Please note, this kit does not include a soldering kit.

Arduino Make-Your-UNO kit parts

− 1 x Make-Your-UNO PCB
− 1 x Audio Synth PCB
− 1 x USB C Serial adapter Board
− 14 x Resistors 1K Ohm
− 4 x Resistors 10K Ohm
− 4 x Resistors 1M Ohm
− 1 x Resistor 100k Ohm
− 1 x Resistor 10 Ohm
− 1 x Diode (1N4007)
− 1 x 16MHz Crystal
− 5 x Yellow LEDs
− 2 x Green LED
− 2 x Push-Button
− 1 x MOSFET
− 1 x LDO (3.3V)
− 1 x LDO (5V)
− 5 x Ceramic capacitors (22pF)
− 1 x Ceramic capacitors (47nF)
− 6 x Electrolytic capacitors (47uF)
− 10 x Polyester capacitors (100nF)
− 1 x Electrolytic capacitors (220uF)
− 1 x Socket for ATMega 328p
− 2 x I/O Connectors
− 1 x Connector header 6 pins
− 1 x Barrel jack connector
− 1 x ATmega 328p Microcontroller
− 1 x Audio amplifier (LM386)
− 4 x connectors pin header
− 6 x potentiometer 10K Ohm with plastic knobs
− 5 x Spacers 12mm
− 11 x Spacers 6mm
− 5 x screw nuts
− 2 x screws 12mm









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