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Pi-Top CEED Pro, Grey

Pi-Top CEED Pro, Grey

Brand: Pi-top


SKU: 1226548

What could be better than a plug-and-play kit that lets you get creating your own desktop computer, using Raspberry Pi, straight away. This sleek dark-grey pi-topCEED kit is as simple as ABC, so let your imagination run wild, and create any project you want. The kit comes with the pi-topPROTO prototyping board, so you can have full access to all 40 GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi, and an international power supply, perfect for your travels. Plug in a keyboard and mouse and you are ready to go.

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Product Details

pi-topCEED Desktop Kit

The pi-topCEED is an easy and exciting way to create your own desktop computer using a Raspberry Pi. It is designed for all ages and abilities, to help you learn about programming, computing and hardware creation. The pi-topCEED enables you to use your imagination to learn to create any project you wish. The pi-topCEED is plug-and-play so you can start right away. The kit comes with an international power supply, only available here at RS. Simply add any computer mouse and keyboard and you are ready to go.

The pi-topCEED kit also comes with the pi-topPROTO prototyping board, enabling you to have full access to all 40 GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi. The pi-topPROTO is fitted on a magnetic PCB rail within the pi-topCEED and opens you up to endless prototyping opportunities. Other compatible add-on boards can be fitted here too.

Pre-loaded Software and Operating Systems
Raspbian (Jessie)
3D Slash
Libre Calc
Libre Writer
Libre Impress

What is CEEDuniverse? 
All pi-top products come preloaded with CEEDuniverse, an educational, online game. This multiplayer game helps you to learn how to code, build circuits, and make hardware, while interacting with the game.

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