Zymbit HSM4 Hardware Security Module for Embedded Linux Computers

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  • IoT & Computing
  • Zymbit HSM4 Hardware Security Module for Embedded Linux Computers

Zymbit HSM4 Hardware Security Module for Embedded Linux Computers

Zymbit HSM4 Hardware Security Module for Embedded Linux Computers

  • Zymbit HSM4 hardware security module for OEM Applications
  • Easy-to-integrate "snap-in" security module for Linux computers
  • Based on an ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller
  • Software APIs are available in Python, C, and C++
  • Provides strong layered security with hardware root of trust
  • Features physical tamper sensors and a real-time clock (RTC)

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Product Details


Zymbit HSM4 is an embedded hardware security module that protects single board computers running Linux in custom OEM applications. It guarantees all the great features of the ZYMKEY4 module. Still, its innovative packaging with a hidden 30-pin provides more security and easier integration into OEM custom boards and manufacturing workflows.


Key product features 

  • Measured device identity and authentication
  • Root file system encryption, integrated with LUKS
  • Data encryption and signing
  • Secure key generation and secure storage
  • Physical tamper sensors
  • AWS qualified device
  • TLS transaction support
  • Real-time clock (RTC)
  • Secure encapsulated module with hidden 30-pin connector
  • Developer hats available for Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson
  • External battery
  • Soft bind lock
  • Hardware Root of trust
  • ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller
  • Secure elements from Microchip – ATECC508

Key benefits of Zymbit HSM4

  • Tough to infiltrate yet easy to integrate – HSM4 is a hardware security module that is tough to infiltrate yet easy to incorporate into custom OEM applications. It’s designed to provide multiple layers of security that protect against cyber and physical exploits. 
  • Wide choice of development software – Software APIs are available in Python, C and C++, with support for Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi OS.
  • Ideal for OEM applications – the innovative packaging of this fully encapsulated module offers additional security. It ensures easier integration into OEM custom boards and manufacturing workflows. Developer hats are available for Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson for prototyping and evaluation. 
  • Reliable security system – sensitive key material is generated and stored in a secure element with micro-grid protected silicon. A separate security supervisor isolates the secure element from the host computer and provides additional layers such as multi-factor measured identity and authentication of a host system, multi-sensor physical security and real-time clock.

Key applications

  • Cyberphysical security for single board computers
  • Secure device registration with AWS IoT
  • Independent key management & sovereignty
  • Secure node in distributed fintech and identity.

Technical Specifications

Private / public key pairs 3
Cryptographic Services TRNG (NIST SP800-22)

ECC NIST P-256 (secp256r1)


AES-256 (FIPS 197)

Tamper Sensors 2 x Perimeter breach detection circuits

Accelerometer shock & orientation sensor 

Main power monitor

Software API Python, C++, C
Physical Format Encapsulated module
Dimensions 15.7 x 28.7 x 7.8 mm

0.62 x 1.13 x 0.31 Inches

Connectors Module connector: Hirose Header DF40HC(3.5)-30DS-0.4V(51)

Mating connector: Hirose Receptacle DF40C-30DP-0.4V(51)

Communication I2C, default address, user-changeable

GPIO4, user-changeable

Production mode lock Software API command
Measured system identity & authentication Standard factors include RPI host, SD card, Zymkey
Data encryption & signing applications Encrypt root file system with dm-crypt, with LUKS key manager hook

Encrypt data blobs with “zblock” function

Encrypt data in flight with OpenSSL integration

Real-time clock 36-60 months operation with external CR2032, application dependent, 5ppm accuracy
Backup battery Used for RTC and perimeter circuits

External 3V coin cell, eg CR2032

Backup battery monitor No
Last Gasp battery removal detection No
Example Cipher Suites AWS-IOT | TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_AES256_SHA


Accessories & related products Developer Hat
Warranty 18 months









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