OKdo Lidar Module with Bracket

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  • OKdo Lidar Module with Bracket

OKdo Lidar Module with Bracket

OKdo Lidar Module with Bracket

  • Lidar Module with TOF ranging technology with a detection distance of 12 metres
  • 360-degree environmental detection for accurate map building
  • Can be used to develop industrial and domestic applications
  • We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you set up the Lidar module
  • Fully compatible with ROCK 4 SE, Raspberry Pi3 A+/B+, Raspberry Pi3 B and Raspberry Pi 4B

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The DTOF LiDAR_LD06 is an accessory tool provided for robotic device development or performance evaluation of sensor products, and for the educational purpose use of robotic device motion control and algorithm study. The Lidar Module requires a compatible SBC such as ROCK 4 SE, Raspberry PI3 A+/B+, Raspberry PI3 B, Raspberry PI 4B for use and development.


What is LiDAR?

LiDAR Technology is used to determine the distance from the system to the object of interest with a laser. LiDAR is utilised not only in industrial applications such as autonomous vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles but in domestic applications as well, such as robotic vacuum cleaners where it can reroute to avoid collisions and even shut down if a safety hazard is detected.

Key benefits of the Lidar Module with Bracket

Time of flight (TOF) technology
The LiDAR LD06 utilises TOF (time of flight) ranging technology and can measure distance according to the laser pulse time of flight within a detection distance of 12 metres achieving high-frequency and high-precision distance measurement. With its high-speed wireless data transmission and brushless motors, the LiDAR LD06 can last for up to 10,000 hours.

360-degree environmental detection
On top of that, its first-class algorithm logic can be used to achieve 360-degree environmental detection, autonomous map building, and obstacle detection for accurate map building indoors and outdoors.

Step-by-step how-to guide
We’ve put together a handy step-by-step guide to take you through setting up your Lidar Module and configuring it for use so you can get started developing awesome LiDAR applications.

Need some inspiration?
Check out our guide for how to build an autonomous robotic operating system with the ROCK 4 SE SBC and Lidar Module.

What’s included with the Lidar Module?

  • DTOF Module
  • Bracket
  • UART Cable
  • Assembly Screws

Technical Specifications

Distance Measuring Range 0.02mm – 12m
Scanning Frequency 5-13 Hz
Ranging Accuracy 30mm
Ranging Frequency 4500Hz
Scanning Angle 360 degrees
Compatibility ROCK 4 SE

Raspberry Pi3 A+/B+

Raspberry Pi3 B

Raspberry Pi 4B

Dimensions 38 x 38 x 33 mm

*Please note – SBC not included*









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