Makeblock Neuron Explorer Kit

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Makeblock Neuron Explorer Kit

Makeblock Neuron Explorer Kit

  • The Makeblock Neuron Explorer Kit is a perfect coding learning solution for children aged 6 years and older. 
  • The kit includes 30 electronic modules that will easily engage children and students and introduce them to coding.
  • This Neuron Explorer Kit features modules such as a sound sensor, a light sensor, a gyro sensor and even a funny touch sensor.
  • Children can learn flow-based programming through a simple drag-and-drop style code creation.

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The Makeblock Neuron Explorer Kit is an amazing new-generation STEM education product from Makeblock, perfect for children aged 6 and older. The building block platform contains over 30 electronic modules designed to introduce children and students to programmable circuits in an engaging way. It’s an ideal learning solution as students can use the modules with or without complex code programming.


What’s included in the Makeblock Neuron Explorer Kit?

  • Rechargeable power block
  • Bluetooth block
  • Gyro sensor
  • Funny touch
  • Buzzer
  • LED panel
  • Dual servo driver + servo
  • 9 x Neuron boards
  • USB cable (20 cm)
  • Rubber bands

What are the benefits of the Makeblock Neuron Explorer Kit?

  • Children can use the Neuron Explorer Kit with the Neuron app, which allows them to learn flow-based programming through a simple drag-and-drop style code creation supported by mBlock 5. It’s a graphic, block-based programming language based on Scratch 3.0. 
  • The kit comes with additional cardboard craft materials packs that open up the possibilities of transforming the modules into an exciting project, such as building a car, a piano, or a ukulele. 
  • The Explorer Kit encourages children to learn the basics of programming through block-based coding, introduces them to the relationships between different components, and promotes logical thinking and problem-solving to explore more creative combinations.

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Key features of the Makeblock Neuron Explorer Kit

All the components are designed to keep children engaged in their learning. 

Colour-coded electronic block

The Neuron Explorer Kit comes with a variety of colour-coded programmable electronic blocks, including different modules (input -orange, output – blue and energy- green) that also help children explore various scientific principles. 

Sensors and modules for fun and exciting projects

Makeblock’s Neuron Explorer Kit features modules such as a sound sensor, a light sensor, a gyro sensor and even a funny touch sensor, allowing children to turn any conductive object (such as a banana) into a touch switch. 

The output modules include a buzzer, an LED panel and a servomechanism (also known as a servo), providing clear sensory signals of sound, light and movement to demonstrate the circuit’s success and programming.

Connect your project to the Neuron app via Bluetooth

Alongside the rechargeable power block, the kit also includes a Bluetooth block that can also be used to provide power and connect to programs in the Neuron app. Each module features a magnetic pogo pin connector, a patented interface that makes it impossible to misconnect the modules. The accompanying step-by-step installation guide ensures user safety.

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Drag-and-drop programming

The Neuron Explorer kit introduces children to coding through Makeblock’s mBlock 5 block-based programming language. Children can also learn to code with Swift Playgrounds, an educational app created by Apple Inc to teach the concept and structure of Swift code.

Colourful Blocks With Diverse Functions 

The neuron is classified into three categories according to colour:

  • Energy & Communication blocks (Green): Provide power to other blocks. The communication block contains a Micro USB interface; you can connect the block to a power bank or power adapter via a USB cable to power the other blocks. The communication blocks also supply diverse wireless communication modes. 
  • Input blocks (Orange): The input blocks collect information (such as sound and light) from the environment and send signals to change the output. 
  • Output blocks (Blue): The output blocks receive signals from input blocks and then do something, such as lighting up, moving or making a sound.









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