Retail POS self-checkout machine

Smart POS Terminals & Retail Automation Systems

Want to make it easier for customers at checkout? Smart POS systems can bag you a smoother setup, giving both you and your clientele a fuss-free shopping experience.

At OKdo, we have all the tech and tools to help you build automated retail solutions.

Retail POS self-checkout machine

Retail automation done right

Using our ROCK single-board computers and accessories, it’s possible to fully customise your POS setup to create advanced, interactive systems.

Whether you’re a retail business owner planning on upgrading the checkout process or want to make the POS element of your business run smoothly in the background, you’ll find what you need to create simple, effortless processes.

Scale up with ROCK


With ROCK, you can develop a smart POS machine system with extraordinary touchscreen controls, video, audio and gesture-based interaction, and cashless payment, all connected and powered by a single device, a so-called “brain”, a tiny, low-power, high-performing ROCK board.

Powerful Single Board Computers

  • High-performing Hexa-core Rockchip RK3399-T processor
  • Wide OS compatibility, including Android
  • Expandable storage capability
  • Supporting 4K displays

Flexible & Compact SoMs

  • Compact size for easy integration into different designs
  • Reliable & Powerful Rockchip RK3566 SoC
  • Quad-core Arm® Cortex®-A55 CPU
  • Flexible storage & wireless connectivity

Fully Customisable SBCs

  • Develop low-cost and efficient applications embedded systems
  • Fully configurable design
  • Add or remove components
  • Your board, your way

What other technology is used in smart POS terminals?

Why create a smart POS machine system?

An automated POS system is typically designed to work like a checkout staffed by a person. Advanced tech is used to register when products are being scanned, for instance, while the smart setup can take users through to payment without any intervention from a member of staff.

But what makes this option so appealing? If you’re trying to sell this concept to your line manager, here are some reasons to try switching to retail automation solutions:

Retail POS self-checkout machine

More options

  • One of the main selling points of POS automation – flexibility
  • Traditional tills can be replaced with self-service checkouts
  • Link up sales to the main system while vendors are out and about. Smart retail solutions allow you to take your wares on the road.

All of this means you can plan for growth. Expanding your retail business is possible if you can reconfigure existing arrangements and services.

Retail on the go

We’ve already mentioned being out and about, but the significance of this can’t be overlooked – especially if you’re sending your wares to festivals or shows. Smart POS can make it easy to get sales without having to set up traditional tills and count change.

Retail POS self-checkout machine

Frees up staff

If you’re introducing automated self-checkouts, you can free up your team and redeploy them around the store. This can be especially useful at peak times when there’s more footfall through your store.

Retail POS self-checkout machine

Less room for error

Scanning products all day can be repetitive and, at times, tedious for those working on the tills. On traditional checkouts, till operators must tally everything at the end of the day, and frequently things don’t add up. This can be because a customer paid in loose change, or it could be that a note has fallen on the floor at some point.

These are things that can happen to anyone. But by updating to automated self-service checkouts and other smart POS systems, the machine counts everything for you, so you don’t lose out.

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