13th December 2021


OKdo, trading brand of Electrocomponents plc (LSE: ECM), a global omni-channel provider of SBC, IOT and Education products, has announced that it’s expanding it’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) offering once again. This time it’s with the addition of the Mission Control Lab’s MakeOn range.

MakeON “Inventure Gear” cultivates the designers, engineers and industrialists of the future by unleashing their electronic imagination today- inventing physical solutions that story tell with style.

The partnership will see OKdo offer twenty new products all of which promote “inventures” to people of all ages and technical abilities. Some of the initial products in the range include:

  • The MakeOn Space Station Set, the ultimate breakout set that connects components by clip, clamp, tape, paint, rivet, solder, sew and snaps. It is an excellent choice for low profile requirements, such as in tight places, like wearables, walls and more.
  • The MakeOn Expedition Inventure Kit, that features 35+ pieces and instructions for making interactive electronic “inventures” and lessons with light, sound and movement.
  • The MakeOn Launchpad Set micro:bit & CLUE, a set including a Launchpad for micro:bit and the 26 piece Launchpad Nexus pull apart hexagon set. It enables Makers to create circuits and connect electronic components easier and more flexibly than ever before.
  • The MakeON Space Tape, a conductive woven nylon fabric tape for low current DC applications. It is ideal for wearable electronics, pliable switches and other prototyping.

The MakeON system renders tech manufacturer’s and the global electronic ecosystem’s products to be reusable, adaptable and accessible to a wider audience and range of applications. Fashion, architecture and smart objects are the entry point into culture, creativity and ideas, and this is true for the MakeON experience.

The range offers users the opportunity to connect over 50 microcontrollers in the Arduino, Adafruit, Raspberry Pi Zero, BBC micro:bit ecosystems simultaneously.

“From newbs to nerds, kitchen tables to classrooms, designers to data scientists use MakeON to make something different while learning something new. STEAM concepts are where culture and creativity can innovate the future relationship between humankind and the planet. By making the participation in real world ideas hands-on, accessible, and stylish for more people, the next industrial revolution will yield critical societal and environmental changes.” Said Jessica Cobb, Founder of Mission Control Lab.

“OKdo is passionate about providing SBC, IoT and Education solutions to anyone who has an idea they want to bring to life.” said Richard Curtin, Global SVP Technology at OKdo. “Education is a key focus for the OKdo and we are excited to onboard yet another STEAM range that inspires people to create, learn and have fun with technology.”

For more information about the OKdo STEM range visit: https://www.okdo.com/fr/c/education/


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