SBCs create possibilities. The potential is infinite. We provide end to end SBC products all around the globe. But it’s your imagination, skill and world-changing ideas that make all the difference.

Okdo is perfectly placed to enable you to successfully bring your product to market.

As one of only two global Pi manufacturers, we provide expertise across Pi products. But it doesn’t stop there. We also bring to the table specialist knowledge of the world’s leading brands like Arduino, micro:bit and Nvidia.

Together we can bring concepts to life with our design, prototyping and 3D printing services and then successfully move your product into manufacturing. And why stop there? How about a platform to sell on too?

Together, we can make the future happen.

Okdo is all about possibilities. Our expertise isn’t only as a seller of end-to-end SBC products. We also design, manufacture and offer many more services besides.

Swim AR Case Study: There’s always a solution

Flat lay shot of the Arduino Nano board


The Arduino Nano may be small, but it certainly packs a punch.

Holding much of the capability of the best development boards out there, it can also fit into some really, really small spaces making it an excellent choice in the Entrepreneur space.


How We Can Help: Design Services for Entrepreneurs


Turn your design into a pitch-perfect prototype with our specialist, fast service powered by Ocean Smile.


Use our end-to-end expertise to successfully take your product into mass production.


Technology articles and projects, community forums, comprehensive 3D CAD, electronics libraries and FREE design software all at your fingertips.


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