electric vehicle charging

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electric vehicle charging

The increasing number of electric vehicles (EVs) has created a growing demand for EV charging stations worldwide.

Global trends show that the EV charging infrastructure is expanding significantly, so whether you’re keen to develop home or public EV charging installations, our smart EV charging solutions are here to help you ROCK it.

Scale up with ROCK

If you’re just starting to develop an EV charging business or looking into new ways to keep your EV charging stations operating smoothly, our versatile range of OKdo ROCK SBCs will help you incorporate class-leading hardware into your systems and ensure their seamless performance.

Here at OKdo, we provide a wide range of smart technologies to help you innovate EV charging and benefit the most from the best-in-class hardware and software solutions.


With ROCK, you can develop innovative EV charging solutions connected and powered by a powerful brain, a credit-card size, robust and high-performing ROCK single board computer.

Powerful Single Board Computers

  • High-performing & powerful Rockchip processor
  • Wide OS compatibility, including Android
  • Expandable storage capability
  • Supporting 4K & 8K displays

Flexible & Compact SoMs

  • Compact size for easy integration into different designs
  • Reliable & Powerful Rockchip RK3566 SoC
  • Quad-core Arm® Cortex®-A55 CPU
  • Flexible storage & wireless connectivity

Fully Customisable SBCs

  • Develop low-cost and efficient applications for embedded systems
  • Fully configurable design
  • Add or remove components
  • Your board, your way

What other technology is used in smart EV charging stations?

We can provide class-leading intelligent technologies, including single board computers and digital display solutions, that will allow you to set up smart and accessible EV charging stations.

Why should businesses invest in EV charging stations now?

The economic benefits of EV Charging

The latest trends worldwide show that EV charging is a critical infrastructure needed to enable the automotive transition to electrification. There is undeniably a huge demand for both domestic EV wall chargers and public EV charging installations as the number of electric vehicles on the roads continues to grow globally.

If you’re keen to manufacture EV charging stations or just build an EV infrastructure at one of your business facilities, you may be looking for reasons to convince you to do it. So let’s discover what economic benefits EV charging can bring to your business:

electric vehicle charging

Get ahead of the curve as public EV charges accessibility accelerates

As EV markets evolve, access to public charging will need to expand as well. Consumers will increasingly expect the same services, simplicity and autonomy for EVs in public spaces as they do for conventional vehicles.

Data shows that publicly available EV charging points were up by nearly 40% in 2021. Their number approached 1.8 million charging points in 2021, of which a third were fast chargers. And that will continue to grow alongside the number of electric vehicles on the roads. For example, EV sales in the US are predicted to grow from 5.8% to 29.5% within the next 7 years.

electric vehicle charging

Soaring demand for fast EV charging

Public EV charging stations are increasingly convenient, being the fastest and the most accessible way to charge an electric vehicle, especially on long-distance trips. They allow drivers to quickly top up their batteries on the go and continue their journeys.

Public EV charging stations provide the fastest way to charge an electric car. Either using AC charging or DC Fast charging, both options are much quicker than home charging. This will encourage consumers who lack access to private charging to purchase an EV and tackle anxiety as a barrier to EV adoption.

electric vehicle charging

Foster customer loyalty by going green

Installing EV charging stations on your company’s premises shows that your business cares about the environment and takes solid actions to help build a better world and future for everybody.

Consumers will undeniably perceive your company as being socially responsible and sustainable, encouraging them to do repeat business with you.

Also, installing EV chargers on your premises allows your business to be listed on EV charging station maps and, as a result, grows your brand’s visibility and attracts new clients.

electric vehicle charging

Collect data insights of your EV charging sessions

A smart EV charger can collect data and unlock useful insights, such as how your charging station is used and how much electricity is consumed. Thanks to its software, you can easily collect and access data.

For businesses opting to adopt EV charging facilities, having access to such data is a fantastic opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint, having the advantage of lowering their carbon emissions tax. Reducing your carbon footprint allows you to reduce tax and, ultimately, increase your profits.

Set up your smart EV charging system with OKdo

Follow the latest trends and set up your smart EV charging system with OKdo. We have innovative software and hardware to get you up and running.

Learn more about how we can help you set up an EV charging station when you contact our expert team. We’ll be happy to help.

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