Introducing BBC micro:bit – the next gen campaign

BBC micro:bit – the next gen has launched!

We are thrilled to join BBC Education, the Micro:bit Educational Foundation, and Nominet in announcing the BBC micro:bit – the next gen initiative.

BBC micro:bit – the next gen campaign rolls out to schools across the UK this September 2023 – a groundbreaking nationwide effort that’s set to transform primary education.

OKdo is proud to support this ambitious project as one of the micro:bit manufacturers and global distributors.

Learn more about this initiative below.

micro:bit - the next gen campaign

What is the micro:bit – the next gen campaign?

BBC micro:bit – the next gen is a partnership between BBC Education, the Micro:bit Educational Foundation and Nominet.

Made possible by Nominet’s support, the partnership is donating a set of 30 micro:bits to every primary school across the UK that registers to receive them, alongside a wealth of free teaching resources to supercharge digital learning.

Registration ends 18 December, so there’s still time to sign your school up on the BBC micro:bit website here.

micro:bit the next gen

The biggest project the Micro:bit Educational Foundation has ever committed to

To meet the scale of this project, offering just under 700,000 devices, the biggest project the Foundation has ever committed to, it is working with its two trusted manufacturers and global distributors.

OKdo will manufacture half of the micro:bits and distribute all micro:bit devices for this campaign, while STMicroelectronics has supplied the accelerometer and magnetometer (a key component for bringing the micro:bit to life in the classroom)  at a reduced cost.

Read more about this in our Press Release below.

“Our experience and research show how pivotal early learning confidence and interest is to encourage longer-term engagement of technology-related studies. Capturing children’s attention in these formative primary school years is critical which is why this project is so important.

But a project this ambitious simply couldn’t happen without the support of a wide range of industry and education partners dedicating funds, expertise and resources to it. With their generosity and support, we are preparing to welcome the next generation of teachers and pupils to the power of the micro:bit and introduce them to a world of digital creativity, fun and opportunities.”

Gareth Stockdale, CEO, Micro:bit Educational Foundation.

Unleashing digital creativity and empowering young minds

The project aims to empower primary school children with the digital skills to understand the world around them and shape their own digital future, and also aims to accelerate computational thinking, programming, digital creativity and machine learning knowledge among primary school students.

The BBC micro:bit can be used as part of computing education and across the curriculum.

How is OKdo supporting micro:bit – the next gen initiative?

Unlocking the future for young innovators

As a global manufacturing and distribution partner of BBC micro:bit, the role of RS Group and OKdo in this initiative is two-fold: both the manufacture and distribution of the micro:bit classroom kits.

OKdo is one of the delivery partners of the campaign, manufacturing half of the micro:bit boards and distributing all of them across the UK.

The manufacturing of the micro:bit classroom kits will be carried out in our recently announced manufacturing CEM partner in Poland. The distribution will be carried out from the organisation’s Distribution Centre in Corby.

OKdo is the official manufacturer and distributor of the micro:bit

Primary schools in the UK have been invited to register their interest in the classroom kits, and orders will be created on the back of these registrations using a bot which has been built by our very own automation team.

Approximately 500 classroom kits will be assembled, packed, and despatched each day from our Corby Distribution Centre in the coming months, with processes in place to monitor and track delivery.

“We are hugely excited about the impact this will have on so many young people today, inspiring and encouraging children from all backgrounds to build their passion for digital creativity and innovation.

This initiative is a game-changer and is setting the bar at new heights, transforming how digital skills are perceived and taught across primary schools in the UK, bringing digital inspiration to young people at their most formative age – and we are delighted to be part of it! These young people are the engineers of the future, so we are making a lasting impact and proud to be putting our brand in front of them on the very first step of their digital journey”.

Nicki Young, the President of OKdo.

What micro:bit teaching resources are available?

Explore micro:bit’s rich library of teaching resources, meticulously designed for educators and tailored to classroom needs. These resources support teachers in delivering engaging and creative lessons, fostering digital innovation among their students.

First steps with the micro:bit

Share these first steps with teachers who are getting started with BBC micro:bit – includes videos and a step-by-step guide to the micro:bit.

Classroom resources for teachers

BBC micro:bit’s classroom resources include posters, templates, planning sheets, certificates and more amazing free downloads for teachers.

Professional development

Discover lots of great, free professional development resources, and help teachers build their skills in coding and confidence in using the micro:bit.

New: micro:bit classroom

With micro:bit classroom teachers can run whole class sessions, easily share code with students over multiple lessons and keep a record of progress.

Get your hands on the micro:bit

Discover our featured micro:bit products designed to enhance the learning experience. From micro:bit classroom sets to accessories, these products are the gateway to the world of digital creativity.

Learn more about the micro:bit and future of coding

BBC micro:bit for Schools: A Guide for Teachers

This comprehensive guide introduces teachers to all things micro:bit. We’ve gathered all you need to know about micro:bit, alongside creative projects and handy tutorials.

Report: The Broader Benefits of Learning to Code

Our extensive research has shown that Computer Science lessons also help improve children’s teamwork, problem-solving, communication, and creative thinking skills.

Report: Computer Science In The Classroom

Demand for computer science talent is soaring in the UK tech sector, but our research shows that we still need more young people to consider this as their career to ensure the industry can grow.

Require a higher volume of the micro:bit? Request a quote here

Our European manufacturing facility of the micro:bit ensures high-quality products at lower costs and faster delivery. Get on this journey with us and benefit from the excellent opportunity to service teachers and schools across the globe and bring the micro:bit into every classroom.

Speak with our Sales team today and request a quote for larger volumes. Join us in revolutionizing digital education for primary school kids.

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