The Black Box Cubed

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Nobody ever wants to go searching for an aircraft’s black box – because if you’re looking for one, then something terrible has happened to the plane. In recent times, we’ve heard stories of planes going missing. And because the black boxes are onboard, there’s no way to tell what happened until the aircrafts are found.

That was the problem begging to be solved by Callum Sergeant, Colin Gass and Cameron Gunn, pupils at Dalziel High School in Motherwell, Scotland. Having achieved the Silver Innovation Award in TeenTech in 2017 for their magnetic door lock with near field communication (NFC), they were determined to reach the finals in 2018.

So, the boys formed their own company, C-Cubed (hmm… possible because all their first names begin with the letter C), and set about developing a cloud data storage system for airlines to replace the traditional black box. With the help of several companies who donated raw materials, accommodation, and flight, they only went and won!

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