First Look: The OKdo Raspberry Pi 4 8GB Kit

Your favourite Raspberry Pi Kit is now bigger and better than ever.

Our first Raspberry Pi 4GB Innovation Kit has been our best selling kit since it launched. Receiving 5-star reviews, it was even voted 2nd best Pi Kit of all time in the official MagPi magazine. So we thought, how can we make a Raspberry Pi kit that is even better but still has all the elements people love? Well, we decided more. Always more.

Now available with more RAM, is our NEW OKdo Raspberry Pi 4 8GB Model B Starter Kit! the one for you? Let’s take a look and learn more.

The new ultimate Pi Kit with the Raspberry Pi 4 8GB RAM included

Our new 8 piece OKdo Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Starter Kit comes with the most capable Raspberry Pi 4 8GB board included. It is an ideal choice if you are looking to run multiple tasks at the same time or if you would like to use your Raspberry Pi as a desktop.

Another benefit is the jump from a 32-bit OS RAM limit on the 4GB to a 64-bit operating system on the Pi 8GB. Being able to use all of this 8GThis means you will be able to open too many browser tabs to even read or carry out image editing.

Other than the additional memory Aside from its additional memory, the rest of the specifications of the board remain the same as the others in the Raspberry Pi 4 range.

What is in the kit?

As the manufacturer of Raspberry Pi, we know all there is about Raspberry Pi and picking the best accessories and peripherals to use with it. Our team of technical experts have sourced all the best components, so all you have to do is take them out the box and get started.

The kit includes:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 8GB board.
  • Black 5.1v Power supply with 4 x interchangeable mains adaptors for use in different regions.
  • USB to USB-C cable with in-line switch.
  • 2 x Micro HDMI to HDMI cables.
  • SanDisk 3D Gen3 X3 256Gb 2-Plane NAND Flash Die for 32GB MicroSD Card. (with NOOBS 3.1.1 preloaded)
  • SD card reader.
  • 3 x Heat sinks for thermal management.
  • Cool Aluminium Raspberry Pi case with an integrated fan.

More RAM = more fun!

Especially when it comes to Raspberry Pi

Why do you need the OKdo Raspberry Pi 4 8GB Kit in your life?

This Raspberry Pi kit is the ideal choice for so many reasons, here are just 5 reasons why this kit is so amazing:

  1. It is the PERFECT Raspberry Pi starter kit as it has everything needed to get going, except a display/mouse/keyboard.
  2. All of the products are of high quality and have been handpicked by our technical experts.
  3. It includes the most powerful and capable Official Raspberry Pi 8GB 4 Model B GB board so you can tackle any project your heart desires. RAM capacity won’t hold you back.
  4. Save time and money buying the kit, rather than buying all the parts individually. (You’re welcome)
  5. Overheating won’t be a worry with 3 heatsinks, a ventilated case and a case fan all included.

Overall, the OKdo Raspberry Pi 4 8Gb kit is a great addition if you are looking for a fast choice that is high quality and you can trust. As well as being the ideal Raspberry Pi starter kit that you can use straight out the box. You can shop the kit using the link below 🠗🠗🠗

Please share your projects with us, we love to see them. Tweet @LetsOKdo, or let us know on Instagram and Facebook using #designtheworld.

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