Everything You Need to Know about Google Coral

Introducing Google Coral, the incredible machine learning prototyping platform of hardware and software powered by Google.

The Coral range is a fantastic platform from by Google that allows for high-speed machine learning and AI prototyping through to production, Let’s take a look at all of the items available in the range.

What is Google Coral?

Coral is a complete prototyping toolkit from Google, designed to allow users to build products with local AI. The portfolio includes hardware components that bring high-performance ML capabilities onto the edge devices, as well as a complete set of software tools to develop ML models and applications. Coral also offers a set of ready to use ML models.

Why did Google create the Coral range?

The growth of smart and IoT devices has been huge over the past few years and represents one of the biggest areas for future technology advancement, with a projected growth rate of over 150%. As this is one of the key areas of opportunity for innovation, Google wanted to create a platform to make it easier for developers around the world to design on-device machine learning applications.

Why is it called Coral?

Many people wonder, “what has the name Coral got to do with AI?”. According to Google. Coral represents a community that is inclusive and full of life. It is a collection of living organisms that contribute together towards a common good. This is what they want to inspire – an AI platform for the whole industry where everyone can work together to share ideas and advance deep machine learning and AI devices,

To provide a vibrant and collaborative platform for creativity and innovation in AI applications.

Coral’s INspiration & Mission

Why should you choose on-device ML?

The Coral development bored has been designed for on-device ML prototyping. There are many benefits when using on-device machine learning, some of the benefits vs designing off device include:

  • Works offline – no internet connection required for cloud services.
  • Improved privacy – data remains on the device.
  • Higher performance – as local machine learning can be accelerated,
  • More power-efficient – no data to be sent reducing power.
  • Local data accessible by on-device applications – sensor data is accessible live on-device

What products are available in the Coral product line?

There are 8 products in the current Coral portfolio, with 3 new additional products that have been announced in November 2020. Our highlights from the range are;

Coral Development Board

A complete system single-board computer that includes an SOC & Edge TPU integrated on the SOM. You can also remove the SOM and integrate it with other hardware via three board-to-board connectors.

Coral System-On-Module

A fully-integrated system for accelerated ML applications in a 40mm x 48mm pluggable module. Uses Mendel Linux OS and both Python and C++ languages.

Coral USB Accelerator

An accessory device that that adds the Edge TPU as a coprocessor to your existing system—you can simply connect it to any Linux-based system with a USB cable.

Shop the full range of products below or click through to learn more about each product:

In summary, we feel the Coral range makes a fantastic choice for your next AI project. Its a dynamic product range adapting to many legacy systems and products as well as being prepared to design into the future.

The Coral Development board can be used directly with existing products, and the removable SOM can quickly scale from prototype to product. AMAZING. The board is small and compact (similar in size to a Raspberry Pi Board). Once you start adding accessories like the sensor board and camera, your IoT projects will have no limits.

Please share your projects with us, we love to see them. Tweet @LetsOKdo, or let us know on Instagram and Facebook using #designtheworld.

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